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Large Firm Expertise. Small Firm Service. Business Common Sense.

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My commitment to you.

As a lawyer with extensive legal and business experience, I have worked from both sides of the table – I have acted on behalf of clients and I have hired lawyers to act for me. This has let me learn what is most important to clients – efficient dispute resolution at a reasonable cost.

Litigation is stressful and expensive. I will help you manage that stress to obtain the best possible result as cost-efficiently as possible. Many highly qualified lawyers don’t understand this is the most important thing they can do for their clients. I do.

Every client has different needs. A good lawyer tailors an approach that is right for each client. For some, early resolution of the dispute should be the priority. For others, the client has the patience and budget to seek a particular result. It’s the client’s choice.

I present the options; you decide what is right for you; I follow those instructions. While one size does not fit all, my approach to client service is the same for everyone. I provide straightforward advice explained in clear, practical language with prompt responsiveness to all client communication.



Big Firm Expertise. Small Firm Service. Business Common Sense.